french bulldog puppies for sale

French bulldogs for sale

Another website we loved working on was designer french bulldogs.  This french bulldog breeder specializes in exotic colors and coat types with amazing structure regarding Frenchie puppies for sale.  If you are considering a French bulldog puppy for sale, or French bulldog stud, definitely check out Designer Frenchie puppies for sale from DFB!

Blue French Bulldogs for sale

When looking for a certain frenchie color, blue is always super popular yet more common these days.  Once upon a time blue frenchies for sale cost well over 10,000.00 but now are more reasonable as the color is quite common. If you are looking for a Blue French bulldog, or blue french bulldog puppies, you should be able to find some nice quality pups between 7 and 9k.

French Bulldog Puppies for sale

french bulldog for sale

Looking for some of the best and rarest type of beautiful French Bulldog puppies for sale? Be sure to check out the best french bulldog breeders in the states.  A variety of unique and rare french bulldog colors are available through select high level breeders. Do your homework on what makes a quality french bulldog breeder offering quality Frenchie puppies for sale.  Chances are you have found this site searching for the best French Bulldog breeders near me.

best french bulldog breeders

Not just having readily available french bulldog puppies for sale is part of the equation.  Offering top genetics, with proper structure, proportions and breed standard size and shape are also key.  French bulldog breeders often and should always do 4 panel DNA health testing as well.  If you are looking to find the current French bulldog cost, or the  French Bulldog price, make sure you consider the quality of the pup and the rareness of the Frenchie’s color.  Check out all the French bulldog puppies for sale from Designer Frenchies as one of the best French Bulldog breeders in the USA.  When looking for the best Frenchie for sale we recommend DFB.

Finding the right french bulldog puppies for sale

french bulldogs near me

If you have been searching for the perfect baby french bulldog puppy for sale, then you already know why it is so tough to do so.  Sure people have Frenchie puppies for sale available all over the place, but are they quality animals?

Be sure to check out some of the best French Bulldog Breeders offering a variety of French Bulldog Puppies of various and rare colors!  Types of French Bulldogs for sale include the merle French bulldog.  Merle Frenchies are known for having amazing broken patterns, and carry whatever their main color would be in patches.  Amazing looking pups for sure, A Merle French Bulldog will never look the same as another a truly one of a kind dog.  You can basically find any type of color merle French bulldog puppies from blue to Isabella to even black!

Lilac Frenchies for sale

Another color similar to blue, but lighter and even more stunning is the Lilac French Bulldog.  Pricing on lilac french bulldog puppies is going to be a tad higher and they are harder to find than the blues.  These are just stunning in their own right, carrying the same colors as blue but one more copy of the “dilute” gene.

french bulldog breeders

Be sure to check out all the French bulldog clothes for sale including baby Frenchie clothes, French bulldog clothing and gear.   Don’t forget to check out all the new French bulldog leash options including the new PVC coated top quality water proof baby Frenchie leash options in a variety of hot new colors for 2022!  Also, don’t forget to pick up a sweet new French Bulldog harness! Even baby French bulldog harness options are available!

Merle Frenchie puppies

Looking for unique colors more than anything should land you in the Merle French Bulldog color chart.  A Merle Frenchy is always unique that is for sure.  Each and every single puppy will have their own unique markings that are based on both the base coat, as well as the broken Merle pattern.

best french bulldog breeder

Did you know that pointed dogs (tan points for example) will maintain all the color in their points and it will not be affected by the merle genes!  The most popular is probably the blue Merle French bulldog.  Merle Frenchie is one of the most popular of all colors and also is available as a long haired frenchie.

merle frenchies

Fluffy Frenchies

Long haired or Fluffy French bulldog puppies, often referred to as fluffy French bulldog is a super cute furry version of the popular compact Frenchie.  These little guys and girls are fuzzy and cute and are always going to be more money in cost since they are rare.  The rare the color Fluffy French Bulldog Puppies the higher the cost so to speak.  If you are looking for a long haired French Bulldog, designer offers them from time to time as most of their Sires and Damns carry fluffy.  Whether you are looking for Fluffy French Bulldogs or Fluffy Frenchie for sale, check out DFB for the best and the best color varieties.

Black French Bulldog pups

Black French Bulldog puppies are probably the most common of all colors along with Brindle. Black French Bulldog Puppies are available from time to time at slightly lower prices than the more common colors and much lower than the rare colors and coat types.

French Bulldog Price

frenchies for sale

When considering a new pet Frenchie, the French Bulldog price are something to consider.  Can you afford one?  For a nice dog, quality French bulldog prices, sometimes referred to as the average French bulldog cost is based on coat type, the color and of course quality.

Black and tan frenchies for sale

One of the more common but still absolutely stunning colors if the black and tan french bulldog.  The black and tan frenchie puppies always look like they’re in a little tuxedo so to speak.  Some of the time they also have a white chest, where they would then be called “tri color”.

Isabella Frenchies

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New and exciting and most expensive as of this page update, the Isabella French Bulldog is stunning.  A “liver color” the Isabella really catches the light and the eye.  Isabella French bulldog puppies are usually in the higher cost range due to their rarity in the breed.  The newer the color the more rare and therefore expensive it normally is.

best frenchie breeders